Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Master List / Musical Theme for TEX MEX

All righty people Tex Mex is just around the corner and we need to come up with a Master list and some music to bring. It was mentioned on NBN's blog about O.E. and if they sell it in El Paso. I am guessing they do, but we will definitely need to confirm that. I will start a short list and people can add things. Then later on I will take everyone's responses and recreate the list we can also put it in the Newsletter if there ever is a second one (ahem NBN).

1. Boom box
2. Beer Pong table (everything that comes with balls, net, cup triangle etc...)
3. CD's (at least one Hall and Oates cd so we can run the Hall and Oates hash)
4. Brass Monkey equipment (OE and OJ) if we are not getting it in ElPaso.5.
6. Valid I.D. ( for Mexico)
7. Cards
8. Poker chips (for morning poker)
9. Poker table (if you guys have room, if not we can figure something out)
10. Money(for what ever dabaucherous activities you decide to partake in)

I know there's more I can't think of, but that is why we are starting a list people.......