Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Holy Testicle Tuesday!!!

It's a wonder why the old men weren't going after NBN. He was giving free Ball shows all night. Somehow I just don't think women's panties are very supportive especially when in short jean shorts. My questions are:

1. What brand were his panties?
2. Did he groom his balls before putting on a show?
3. Can he account for both his testicles?

The Mystery continues...

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Beware of Kimchi Slackers!!!

You would think with a hand full of Kimchiers, a beer pong table, some motivation, and 3 days that floating a keg would be easy. Well think again, it's been nearly two weeks since Hashtoberfest and I still have a Keg with beer in it. I am not complaining because I love beer and when you have a keg sitting in your kitchen with a jockey box you can't help but want to drink beer every night.
However, I am now officially on my own mission, with some help from Espn, to conquer the keg. I am disappointed in my Kimchi brethren as well as myself, but I do believe Brass Monkeys took some part in lessening the beer intake. Other than the Brass Monkeys it's truly a mystery. Once upon a time when NBN and I lived together we were going through Kegs, between the two of us, in less than a week sometimes sooner if we had help. Maybe we're getting old, but it sure felt like I was drunk the whole time everyone was down here. Well I am off to take anothercrack at the keg. POOP!!!!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Aquisition of target Delta X-ray: 1515 hours

My crack team of drunkards well be landing at 1445 Lima to complete the mission

Once my team is in place we will move in on the location (Specs) and grab the target.

We will then commence in heavy interrogation of the subject.

And we will not stop until the subject floats. The use of Brass monkeys will also be part of the interrogation to mix things up a bit. All those who are aren't making it to the Pre-Hastoberfest festivities, YOU ARE GAY