Thursday, May 24, 2007

Yellow Jackets vs. Energy Drinks


When attending a hash weekend every hasher at one time or another has come to a point where they are running ragged and need a little pick me up. We've all been there and a while back my pick me up of choice was the Yellow jacket which could be purchased at almost any convenience store or gas station. Those bad boys would do the trick, but coming down off of them was no joke. You feel like you just drank a bunch of caffeine, smoked some crack, and did a couple lines (not that I know what doing any drugs like that is like) then you crash and burn. That coupled with being hung over can be a very painful experience.

Exibit A: A couple years back Espn, NBN, and I went to the Virginia Interhash. It was your standard hash weekend with camping and lots of beer as you can imagine. Well day two came around and NBN, Espn, and I were sucking all motivation had left our bodies. Then we told ourselves No!!! We will not let or hangovers conquer us so we busted out the Yellow jackets. We each took two, which in hind sight was pretty retard considering we already knew the after affects of booze and those crack pills. All I can say is by 10 pm Espn was dressed like a pimp, I had a red wig and strapless dress on and NBN was dressed in blow up ballerina outfit (he looked like he was pushing about 400, it was hot). Regardless the evening continued and we played every drinking game known to man, participated in a talent show, watched some topless boxing, saw a Hasher named Buck-a-fufalo try to hump numerous people while butt naked(normal behavior for him), and ended by a camp fire, bullshitting, and passing liquor around. All in all it was great night that would not have been possible with out the help of Yellow Jackets. Espn and I retired around 4am and NBN crawled into the tent about 6am, but we had to be up 830am because NBN had a flight to catch and that is when the wrath of the Yellow Jacket finally took its toll. I wasn't feeling great but I could see my partners in crime were hurting pretty bad.

We packed up and were set to hit the road when ESPN looked up me with that special look and blew chunks at my feet. That was our queue to get going. Now the first 10 mile of this trip took forever because of multiple puke stops for Espn, then NBN started feeling left so he began contributing. The second stop the car hadn't even come to a complete stop when ESPN began puking out the window. Seconds later NBN threw himself half way out the window and started yelling for his buddy Ralph. For the next couple mile they alternated yakking then we were off and moving. That was the last time we took Yellow Jackets and drank heavily. Lesson learned. Now it's time to move on to greener pastures.

This is where energy drinks I have used energy drinks many times to keep me going and I have never had symptoms like when we used Yellow jackets. Now I am not saying you don't feel it the next morning, but the after affects are nowhere near as fierce. This is why I believe energy drinks will be helpful for this coming BFE. NBN won't take anymore 4 hour naps, ESPN won't need some "alone" time which is code for a nap, and I won't get tired. So people, for right now energy drinks are a go for BFE. What does everyone else think? Which is better?

Friday, May 18, 2007

Master List!!!

BFE is now exactly two weeks away and it is time to compile the master list so we know what we need.

1. Boom box
2. Beer Pong table (everything that comes with balls, net, cup triangle etc...)
3. CD's(Hall and Oates, Average White Band, Jamiroqui)
4. Brass Monkey equipment (OE and OJ).
5. Cards
6. Poker chips (for morning poker)
7. Poker table
8. Money for Lip Lock Me and Humidor
9. Boones Farm
10. Cigars
11. Sunscreen(unless you're Mexican like NBN)
12. Emergen C
13. Granny panties
14. Mirrored aviator glasses
15. Hostage gnome
16. Dice
17. Bratwurst
18. Buns
19. Mustard
20. Pineapple Margarita Parts (Tequila, etc....)
21. Tent
22. Grill
23. Carne Asada
24. Tortillas
25. 2-3 jugs of water
26. 2-3 jugs of gatorade
27. Jockey Box
28. Keg of Dos Equis
29. Limes
30. Cups (make sure they are right size for beer bong)
31. Paper plates
32. Ice
33. Sleeping bags
34. Air matress
35. Pillows
36. Chairs
37. TP (just in case)
38. Toiletries
39. Bar
40. Tapatio
41. Clothes
42. Happy Shirts
43. Napkins or paper towels
44. Trash bags
45. Energy Drinks so NBN doesn't take any 4 hour naps
46. Snacks that go good with beer(Pretzels..etc)
47. water balloon launcher and water balloons for human beer pong

That's it for now feel free to add stuff....

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Official BFE Newsletter # 2

There has been a disturbing lack of enthusiasm with the planning of BFE. Lets get motivated people because this is going to be the best BFE yet.

1. First who all is coming so we split up the Master List and make sure we have enough sick little monkeys coming to participate in the Brat toss, Beer Pong, and Flippy Cup. If you are thinking of not coming you are wrong, you know you are. I have heard all the lame excuses I can take such as: “I can't come because I'm too Jewish", "I can't come because I'm pregnant", "I can't come because I am gay and I live in Philadelphia", "I can't come because I have to go to NTC, hey have you seen my turkey baster and a jar of Vaseline laying around". Blah Blah Blah

2. I know NBN is taking care of reserving the KEG...I am guessing we are going to stick with tradition and go Mexican with some tasty and delectable Dos Equis. The question is should we go Amber or Special Lager?

3. Are we going to make another attempt at playing human beer pong. If we don't do the least we could is use it to bring the balloon launcher to have a little fun. Oh dear lord we could use the launcher for the Brat toss that way no one is safe...muhhahahaha!

4. What's our musical theme going to be obviously Hall and Oates will be incorporated, but we need something good this year? Any Idea's?

5. If you really truly care about BFE then send any and all donations to the "Brownie's a flaming Homo-sexual fund". You can find donation drop offs at your local Air Force recruiter.

"I think I'm walking on air...So much in love I can't tell what I'm saying...There'll be no running away...You and I won't be apart again...I know in my heart that we can start again...Wait for the summer...When love's in the air...You won't be sorry...You answered my prayer"