Friday, March 30, 2007

Good vs.Evil Part 2

I am happy to say that the UCLA Bruins have not disappointed with their second consecutive run to NCAA Final Four. They look ahead to the very team that nearly destroyed them last year in the title game. Evil is lurking and the Sith is on the rise...there is a great disturbance in the NCAA force and only Obi-wan Howland and his band of Bruins have a chance at thwarting Darth Maul Donovan and his evil Gators. This is a battle for the ages and shall go down in NCAA lore. As long as the Bruins use the force in their favor, unlike they did last year, they should have a chance at beating the Gators who hale from the SEC (Sith Evil-warlord Conference). Bruins may your defense be swift and your 3-pointers fall like rain. GO BRUINS! be continued


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Good vs.Evil

Tonight the ultimate struggle between good and evil will take place. Obi-wan Howland and his team of intergalactic UCLA Bruins will take on the evil Pitt Panthers and their leader Darth Dixon. This should be a battle of epic proportions!


Can the Bruins shutdown defense hold down the Panthers? Will Good prevail or will the Dark Side take hold of March madness??????? To Be Continued....

Friday, March 09, 2007

Brass Monkey H3????

Lately I have been tossing around some ideas with NBN and Espn about trying to start hash in the Woodlands/Spring area which is located north of Houston. It would be something simple, but I would need some help getting it going. I think I have found a kind of silent partner, but nothing is solid yet. Part of the reason I want to do this is I enjoy hashing, but I haven’t been doing as much hashing as of late because the closest hashes can be a bit of drive. The H4 and Mosquito Hashes are some great people; however it still takes me 45 minutes or longer to get to a hash for the most part. I figured as long as I don't step on any toes, which I don't plan to do, it might turn out pretty good if we can get some hashers together.
Now I was thinking of maybe doing a bi-weekly run opposite the Mosquito hash, and because the H4 run on Sunday it shouldn't interfere with their run. This would also enable me to support the H4 and Mosquito hashes which is something I would like to do. These are just some ideas I am throwing around. One of the things I need most is people in the area that might be interested. That's where all you hashers come in...anyone know any hashers in the Woodlands, Spring or Conroe areas that might be interested? If you do and you could put us in touch that would be awesome. Also, I wanted to know what you think of some logos that NBN put together for me. Any comments or ideas would be welcome. We thought the main mascot should be a forty and we named him 8-ball for obvious reasons. ONON

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Houston 1500th Beer Pong Kings!!!

Red Foreskin and I owned some ass the first night of the 1500th weekend going undefeated at beer pong. I didn't know if what to expect out of Red, but he came in with a splash (get it "A Splash") and we never looked back. I hope to bring my A game to Platte Road Challenge, but I don't know if the magic between Red and I could ever be duplicated. Forgive the picture I had to strike an Ass Gagger pose because she is a loser for not even coming by for a beer even though she was in Houston at the time. The weekend was pretty awesome especially because I actually started running a bit before hand so the run on Saturday wasn't bad at all. I actually got more of a work out afterwards when Bloody, Butt Pirate and I plated 5 butts. If you don't know the game it's one of those very simple throw the ball against the wall games that you played in elementary school. Regardless it was a good time and we all got to ride on school buses to the start point. I can honestly say it was the first time I ever got drunk on a school bus. All in all the weekend was pretty fun, but it would have been better with more Kimchi representation.

Other than that things are going well in the land of steers and queers. Lately Espn and I have been trying to workout more mostly by running. I forgot how good you feel after a nice run. I'm just trying to get in good enough shape so I'm not always the chubby guy in the back of the hash. I want to be the Chubby guy that runs occasionally and doesn't always finish last, although finishing last guarantees you at least one down down. Blog updated Biatches!!!