Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Master List / Musical Theme for TEX MEX

All righty people Tex Mex is just around the corner and we need to come up with a Master list and some music to bring. It was mentioned on NBN's blog about O.E. and if they sell it in El Paso. I am guessing they do, but we will definitely need to confirm that. I will start a short list and people can add things. Then later on I will take everyone's responses and recreate the list we can also put it in the Newsletter if there ever is a second one (ahem NBN).

1. Boom box
2. Beer Pong table (everything that comes with balls, net, cup triangle etc...)
3. CD's (at least one Hall and Oates cd so we can run the Hall and Oates hash)
4. Brass Monkey equipment (OE and OJ) if we are not getting it in ElPaso.5.
6. Valid I.D. ( for Mexico)
7. Cards
8. Poker chips (for morning poker)
9. Poker table (if you guys have room, if not we can figure something out)
10. Money(for what ever dabaucherous activities you decide to partake in)

I know there's more I can't think of, but that is why we are starting a list people.......

Monday, November 27, 2006

USC #2 in BCS, Texas falls to #17

The USC Trojans have once again proved, unlike the Texas Longhorns, that they belong in the National Championship game. Their impressive 44-24 win over #6 Notre Dame further solidified USC's bid for another championship shot. The Texas Longhorns, on the other hand, have proved that they don't belong in the upper echelons of colleges' finest football programs with they're amazing 12-7 loss to Texas A & M.
All the Trojans need to do is beat cross town rivals UCLA to make it to the Championship. This may prove to be a difficult task because this is one of the games where rankings go out the door and both teams always play each other tough. However, Texas will get a chance to play the Okalahoma Sooners in the "Champion this year, Choke the next year Bowl" sponsored by Anal Ease.

Monday, November 06, 2006

NBN's pre-Hashtoberfest Fun

Although I may have been having my own fun with older men at Hashtoberfest
it looks as though Day Old Fish and NBN had quite the connection leading up to Hashtoberfest.

Oh yeah that's good lovin right there. Daddy likey, who's a naughty NBN....

Fish paying NBN a little lip service...get it "LIP SERVICE" ha ha!!

Nothin like a little nipple twisting to to keep the party going....

AHHH isn't that sweet a little kissy wissy smootchie woochie to finish things off. There may be time I can't account for at Hashtoberfest and yes I was friendly with some older locals, but NBN looks as though he had a much more eventful time in the days leading up to Hashtoberfest. I'm sure Day Old Fish can account for all NBN's whereabouts without a problem or can he?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Holy Testicle Tuesday!!!

It's a wonder why the old men weren't going after NBN. He was giving free Ball shows all night. Somehow I just don't think women's panties are very supportive especially when in short jean shorts. My questions are:

1. What brand were his panties?
2. Did he groom his balls before putting on a show?
3. Can he account for both his testicles?

The Mystery continues...

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Beware of Kimchi Slackers!!!

You would think with a hand full of Kimchiers, a beer pong table, some motivation, and 3 days that floating a keg would be easy. Well think again, it's been nearly two weeks since Hashtoberfest and I still have a Keg with beer in it. I am not complaining because I love beer and when you have a keg sitting in your kitchen with a jockey box you can't help but want to drink beer every night.
However, I am now officially on my own mission, with some help from Espn, to conquer the keg. I am disappointed in my Kimchi brethren as well as myself, but I do believe Brass Monkeys took some part in lessening the beer intake. Other than the Brass Monkeys it's truly a mystery. Once upon a time when NBN and I lived together we were going through Kegs, between the two of us, in less than a week sometimes sooner if we had help. Maybe we're getting old, but it sure felt like I was drunk the whole time everyone was down here. Well I am off to take anothercrack at the keg. POOP!!!!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Aquisition of target Delta X-ray: 1515 hours

My crack team of drunkards well be landing at 1445 Lima to complete the mission

Once my team is in place we will move in on the location (Specs) and grab the target.

We will then commence in heavy interrogation of the subject.

And we will not stop until the subject floats. The use of Brass monkeys will also be part of the interrogation to mix things up a bit. All those who are aren't making it to the Pre-Hastoberfest festivities, YOU ARE GAY

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Houston, We are a go for Drunkenness!!!!!

Mission: Reserve Keg of Dos Equis Special Lager to guarantee the unsoberness of those who choose to participate in the debaucheries leading up to Hashtoberfest.
Target DX:

Target Location A: Spec's Wine and Spirits

Contact: Chubby Beer Guy with curly hair and glasses.

It was a unusually cool day in Houston and I set out on a mission for Hashers and country. I arrived at Target Location Alpha at approx 6:30 pm. I knew I had to slip in undetected so I set up a distraction using ESPN dressed up as a Mexican Hooker. I knew that would draw enough attention for me to slip in the front without being seen. As I was hiding behind a whiskey display I noticed a security guard coming my way. I was done for, but then Espn came from the left flank and stopped the guard dead in his tracks with her supple curves.
I then made my way around the rear and met up with my contact and he informed me that target Delta X-ray was in the back cooler, but it had security and could leave the location at any time for business. I told him there was no way he could let Target Delta X-ray leave the location until I came to due the final aquisition of the Target on 10/04/06. He assured me the target would be here given the payment he was due. We shook hands and I pulled him in close, looked him dead in the eyes and said "Don't let me down because then I will have to go to plan B and that won't be pretty." I then briefly explained plan B so there was no confusion. One thousand yards off the front perimeter I had a team with 30mm POOP Mortars designed to cause havoc if necessary I only hope I won't have to use them.
I was able to slip back out the front again aided by ESPN's ability to draw attention to herself and the Mission was a success. The second part of the Mission will be completed once the rest of my crack Team of drunkards arrives (NBN, MILF, COCK SCRATCH FEVER). Then we're gonna end this thing once and for all!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


For this particular outing the theme has been gay motivational songs from cheesy movies that were popular mostly in the 80's mixed with some gay songs that you can't help but sing all day. Let's start with number 5.

5. This song is by a group that started out with the name "The Sex Gang Children". This particular song has also been in such cinematic classics as "Billy Madison" starring Adam Sandler.

"I'll Tumble 4 Ya" by the always lovely Culture Club.

4. This song is buy a singer known for his inspirational ballads. This particular song is from the Soundtrack to the movie "Bloodsport" starring Jean Claude Van-Damme.

"Fight To Survive" by Stan Bush

3.This next song is by a group that evolved from the ever famous group Jefferson Airplane. The song is from the inspirational movie that everyone loves "Mannequin".

"Nothin's Gonna Stop Us Now" by Starship

2.This particualar hit made number one on the Billboard Hot 100 hundred list in February of 1985. This group is a Famous Duo, however if you ask most people they can only tell who one of the singers are. Does the name Andrew Ridgeley ring a bell????

I give you the song "Careless Whispers" by the ever popular always stylish WHAM!

1. Now for the long awaited #1 song of Hashtoberfest. This is a song by a group that we all know and love. This particular Duo happens to be the best selling twosome in the history of music. Daryl Hall (who's last name is actually Hohl) and John Oates met while attending Temple Univeristy and fate is what brought this amazing group together. Each musician had their own band while attending Temple and they were in the school ballroom set to compete against other bands including each other's (Hall's band was called the Temptones and Oates' was called The Masters) when gun fire rang out. By sheer coincidence, the two artists ended up in the same elevator. The rest folks, is music history.

My favorite group, your favorite group, everyones favorite group HALL AND OATES singing "POSSESSION OBSESSION".If you don't know you should download it because it's a keeper.

Thursday, September 14, 2006


For all you fellow Brass Monkey supporters we have come together in an attempt to make the one of the COOLEST T-shirts ever!! We want all the idea's people can conjure up involving Brass Monkey's and Team Brass Monkey and we need them quick. Spotty's idea about combining Hall and Oates and Team brass monkey is by far the most awesome idea to date. That would be a Kick ASS shirt! ALL idea's involving Hall and Oates references are welcome and preferred. Lets get creative people!! Regardless any ideas are welcome especially if you plan on buying one!!!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006