Thursday, December 15, 2011



When: Saturday, December 24th 2011, at 5:00pm!

Where: Spork’s Spooning Spectacularium (A.K.A. Chez Spork-Puss)
28 Painted Sunset, The Woodlands, TX 77380

Hare(s): Cocktor Spork & Mud In My Crick

Why: Because you like drinking period.

Bring: $5 for hash cash, A DAMN FLASHLIGHT!, shag bag(change of clothes), $ for haberdashery (T-shirts $12), Stickers $1, Patches $3, thirst for beer of course.
D'erections: From downtown Houston head North on I-45, take exit 73 ( Rayford Rd./Sawdust Rd. ). Turn left at your first light (Rayford/Sawdust) and go to the 4th light where Sawdust turns hard left right past Burger King and before Starbucks. After turning left, go straight past first light and go to the second light, Sawmill Road , and turn left. Turn left into your first subdivision, Sunset Springs ( Dreamweaver Circle ). Once you enter Sunset Springs, go straight past the very first street on your left and go to the next street, Painted Sunset. You may park anywhere around that corner of Painted Sunset and Dreamweaver Circle , my house is right there on the corner, #28.

Sidenote: Going to be in town visiting family you really don't want to have an awkward Xmas-Eve turkey dinner with your family? Need an excuse why you can't go take goofy looking pictures in front of large trees with lights on them with your weird Uncle Eddie who touches you just a little too much? Are you a Jew like myself and just need to get away from the Xmas music for 5 minutes and sing about boobs, sex, and kitchens? Then cum one, cum all, to our SECOND ANAL "Screw your Holiday , We'll Make Our Own" / Moon Over Monkeys hash!

This will be not only our SECOND ANAL "Screw Your Holiday, We'll Make Our Own" hash, but also our SECOND ANAL "MOM" Hash, which means "Moon Over Monkeys" - our form of a full moon-ish hash. But wait, there's more! This will also be only our SECOND EVER LIVE HARE! This does not include all the lazy bimbo trial things we have done at events, but a real "You mother fuckers stay here for 15 minutes, not 10, but 15 full freaking minutes, and let us go lay a damn trail... seriously 15 minutes." kind of trail. When was out last one? You guessed it! Last year, same hash! This trail laid last year by Mud & I was a great success, and hopefully it will be again this year. Last year lots of people brought extras to drink/eat just because they felt awesome. There were cherries that had been soaked in vodka or rum or something for like 6 months that rocked our world, there was holiday flavored vodka (what does that even mean) - lots of stuff. Feeling generous? Bring something. I'll bring the Manischewitz!

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