Monday, July 13, 2015



When: Saturday, July 18th, at 3:00pm!

Where: Burroughs Park
9738 Hufsmith Road, Tomball, TX

Hare: Homoglobin

Why: Because you like drinking, period.

Bring: $5 for hash cash, shag bag (change of clothes), BUG SPRAY, PI repellent, $$ for haberdashery (T-shirts $12), stickers $1, patches $3, thirst for beer of course.

D’erections: FROM HOUSTON: Take I-45 North and exit 70B toward Spring Stuebner/Rd-West. Stay to the right, continue onto Spring Stuebner Rd going WEST, which will take you across the freeway, then go for like 5 miles. Turn right-ish on K├╝ykendahl Road, and go for about 4 miles. Turn left onto Hufsmith Road and you'll run into the park. ***Park in the FAR NORTHWEST SIDE of the park near the pavilion.***

Sidenote: Cum one, cum all, for this solo-hared sure-to-be shitshow hared by none other than Homoglobin! With weather predicted to be in the mid to high 90°s, expect some fucking shiggy to provide us some shade! Expect at least one beer check to give us the strength to live through trail! Expect some terrible concrete because Homoglobin hates us and wants us to suffer. Depending on rain or not, expect 0 - 15 water crossings, to be determined because, you know, Texas.

What else can be expected? Maybe people that come early can bring some nice refreshing drinks for everyone to share, so that we don't die and stuff? Maybe some people in skimpy clothing so that they can finally get that tan? Maybe a few beer-shotgun races in the parking lot? We shall see... but there is only one way to find out!!

Cocktor Spork's #: (832) 372-5133
KatchUp's #: (817) 235-6141

0n-0n Bitches,
Cocktor Spork

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