Monday, November 27, 2006

USC #2 in BCS, Texas falls to #17

The USC Trojans have once again proved, unlike the Texas Longhorns, that they belong in the National Championship game. Their impressive 44-24 win over #6 Notre Dame further solidified USC's bid for another championship shot. The Texas Longhorns, on the other hand, have proved that they don't belong in the upper echelons of colleges' finest football programs with they're amazing 12-7 loss to Texas A & M.
All the Trojans need to do is beat cross town rivals UCLA to make it to the Championship. This may prove to be a difficult task because this is one of the games where rankings go out the door and both teams always play each other tough. However, Texas will get a chance to play the Okalahoma Sooners in the "Champion this year, Choke the next year Bowl" sponsored by Anal Ease.

Monday, November 06, 2006

NBN's pre-Hashtoberfest Fun

Although I may have been having my own fun with older men at Hashtoberfest
it looks as though Day Old Fish and NBN had quite the connection leading up to Hashtoberfest.

Oh yeah that's good lovin right there. Daddy likey, who's a naughty NBN....

Fish paying NBN a little lip service...get it "LIP SERVICE" ha ha!!

Nothin like a little nipple twisting to to keep the party going....

AHHH isn't that sweet a little kissy wissy smootchie woochie to finish things off. There may be time I can't account for at Hashtoberfest and yes I was friendly with some older locals, but NBN looks as though he had a much more eventful time in the days leading up to Hashtoberfest. I'm sure Day Old Fish can account for all NBN's whereabouts without a problem or can he?