Thursday, February 15, 2007

Who am I?

If you can name this blogger....."I will update when I want or when I get tired of hearing your whinning ass bitches". By the way it's spelled whining(I am surprised NBN didn’t catch that).First one to guess get's a Brass Monkey.

I, unlike the blogger in question don't care and actually enjoy the comments about my lack of updating. NBN's latest rant on my lack of updating was quite amusing and in a weird way made me feel special. I apologize for not updating my blog in a while, but nothing of interest has been happening as of late besides the Lakers sucking balls and the unfortunate passing of my Grandmother-in-law. I am counting the days until the Platte Road Challenge and in the mean time I will be attending H4's 1500 in about a week in a half. I plan to show these Houstonites how we get down Kimchi style (brass monkey's and beer pong). Unfortunately I will not get to share this Hash experience with my beautiful wife because she will be in Long Beach paying tribute to her Grandmother who recently passed away. Everyone drink a beer or pour out a little of your 40 oz in memory of our fallen homies and Grandma Lucy Sievers. Through all this ESPN is doing well and misses everyone. This blog has now been updated BITCHES!!!