Thursday, January 25, 2007

Platte Road Challenge Here I come!!!!

I just purchased my plane ticket to Colorado for the Platte Road Challenge. I am very excited about once again meeting up with my Kimchi Brothers and Sisters for a weekend of drinking, beer pong, and if were lucky Human Beer Pong. I had an idea for the night before the challenge. Of course a MOPP would be awesome, but we should have a Beer Pong Tournament we could call the Kimchi World Series of Beer Pong (I’m sure coming up with a cool/gay inexpensive prize such as some Brass Monkeys). Just a thought, but regardless I am looking forward to that weekend.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Sadly No Human Beer Pong!!!!

I feel it is a great injustice that we did not even attempt to play human beer pong. However, the water balloon launcher was pretty sweet. There's nothing like bombarding a bunch of unsuspecting hashers with some water balloon artillery, too bad we didn't have any shaving or whip cream....because we could have made some "special artillery". We'll have to save that idea for next time. All in all I think the first outing of the balloon launcher was a success, although we did discover you should probably try to aim away from glass objects (some drunken hasher told me you could easily break a window from about 40 yards, but I would have to see it to believe it). I think Bloody Z has the launcher, but I am not entirely sure....I just know I don't have it. We should definitely bring the launcher to all hash events.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Kimchi Ball Check!!!

Well it appears that everyone made it back safely after a truly awesome time at Tex Mex. I figured I would throw out one last Kimchi ball check. So out of all the people that were issued balls how many actually ended up with a Pong Ball at the end of the weekend? That is the question. Those that answer no let the punishment be slamming a Brass Monkey at the next hash. I will let NBN be the enforcer of the punishment because I will not be able to be at the next Kimchi Hash for obvious reasons.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Well folks Tex-Mex is upon us and I have compiled everyone’s responses this is the (mostly) final list I have for our up and coming KICK ASS weekend.
1. Boom box
2. Beer Pong table (everything that comes with balls, net, cup triangle etc...)
3. CD's (at least one Hall and Oates cd so we can run the Hall and Oates hash)
4. Brass Monkey equipment (OE and OJ) if we are not getting it in ElPaso.
5. Presents for spotty
6. Valid I.D. ( for Mexico)
7. Cards
8. Poker chips (for morning poker)
9. Poker table (if you guys have room, if not we can figure something out)
10. Money (for what ever dabaucherous activities you decide to partake in)
11. Boxed wine
12. Jager
13. Tuaca
14. Boones Farm
15. Cigars
16. Sunscreen(unless you're Mexican like NBN)
17. Emergen C
18. Granny panties
19. C-4's Mexican scavenger hunt (I told her bring back and 8 foot crucifix would be a little hard)
20. Mirrored aviator glasses
21. Porn mustache
22. Hostage gnome
23. Dice
24. Tequila Rose
25. Mimi the midget doll
26. Village people costumes (very important)

That's the list and we are sticking to it...... Mexico here we come!!!