Thursday, November 01, 2007

Shit Or Get Off The Pot!!!!

As we all know it looks as if there is a good chance that one of the great players of my time will no longer wear a Lakers uniform. As die hard Lakers fan the emotional roller coaster that is the Lakers is becoming incessantly unnerving. I obviously don’t want Kobe to go, but if he is leaving I wish they could just get it done and get him out of here so the Lakers and Lakers fans can get on with their lives and continue to watch Jerry Buss and his family run the Lakers into the ground. If Kobe goes the only upside will be the possibility of a Lottery pick in some up and coming draft. There were so many possible changes the Lakers could have made to appease the situation, but instead the Lakers ownership did nothing. Kobe is by no means perfect, but he wants to win and obvious that is not a priority to the Lakers right now. Kobe was supposedly told by Mitch Kupchak and Jerry Buss that they were committed to building a team capable of a championship around him, but any fan can look at the roster right now and know that isn’t the case. Where’s Jerry West when you need him?