Friday, March 23, 2018

BRASS MONKEY H3 R*N # 213 - Like a (Hash) Virgin Trail

BRASS MONKEY H3 R*N # 213 - Like a (Hash) Virgin Trail

When: Saturday, March 24th, at ***3:00pm!*** DAYLIGHT SAVINGS, BITCHES!

Where: Papa's Ice House
314 Pruitt Road
The Woodlands, TX 77380

Hare: Womb Raider

Why: Because you like drinking, period.

Bring: $5 for hash cash, shag bag (change of clothes), BUG SPRAY, PI repellent, $$ for haberdashery (T-shirts $20), stickers $1, patches $3, socks $10, and a thirst for beer of course.

FROM HOUSTON: Take I-45 North or Hardy Toll Road until it dead-ends into I-45. Take Exit 73, Rayford / Sawdust Road, then take that all the way to the first light (Rayford / Sawdust) and take the far left lane to loop under the freeway to go back North. Right past the Texaco is Pruitt Road, turn right. Go for a hot second and Papa's Ice House will be on your right. Look for assholes.

FROM THE HARE: I am feeling nostalgic. Trail will start where I lost my hash virginity to the Brass Monkey and started down this path of drunken ruin & debauchery. Yay!!! There will be BOOBS!!! There will be BEER!!! There will be DICKS!!! Expect 3-4 miles of shiggy and to get wet at two or more water crossings of yet to be determined depth (I don’t like to swim so you probably won’t drown). Trail should be dog friendly for experienced hash pups.

What’s the worst that could happen? We shall see…

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Sorry, can't hear you. (P.S. We're not sorry.)

Cocktor Spork's #: (832) 372-5133
KatchUp's #: (817) 235-6141

0n-0n Bitches,
Cocktor Spork