Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Aquisition of target Delta X-ray: 1515 hours

My crack team of drunkards well be landing at 1445 Lima to complete the mission

Once my team is in place we will move in on the location (Specs) and grab the target.

We will then commence in heavy interrogation of the subject.

And we will not stop until the subject floats. The use of Brass monkeys will also be part of the interrogation to mix things up a bit. All those who are aren't making it to the Pre-Hastoberfest festivities, YOU ARE GAY


ESPN said...


You are gay, put the military jargon down and slowly back away.

Spotty said...

Give me a break. I will be singing GAY karaoke TONIGHT and FRIDAY night. One needs a gay karaoke break sometime. Stupid GAY work always gets in the GAY WAY....dang it all to heck.

closet freak said...

I'M NOT GAY!! thank you for telling me

babyG said...

all that fun and you lost a Man !

milf_ckh3 said...

Just wanted to say thanks hoss for the hospitality ya showed and allowing us to all crash in your house and volcano kegs in your living room, kickin us around Houston, and ferrying us to the hash itself. Had a kickin time,

Thanks DTR and ESPN.


ESPN said...

What a crappy blog, you should update it every once in awhile! You are welcome MILF... I am just happy you got back to Colorado safely, it was touch and go there for a little. It was nice to get to know you guys, speak a little monkey and watch NBN pee in a 40 oz bottle of OE!

Nick said...

Update this blog, fag!